The Three Essential Steps to Auditing Your Accounting Firm’s Website

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Most firms tend to forget about their accounting website and only get to notice its presence when there is a problem. Do not let this happen to you: having a broken website just when you needed it the most. It is important to make arrangements with your consulting or in-house IT manager and put in place audits for your website from time to time. The key categories that need to be reviewed during a website audit have been summarized below:
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What Are The Top Tier Management Consulting Firms?

Whether looking to use their services or find a lucrative job, many people are asking “what are the top tier management consulting firms?” Although there are many to choose from, the same answers crop up again and again, with the same few companies being highlighted as the top of the tree repeatedly. Here are some of the best management consulting firms in the market today.

McKinsey & Company

Established in 1926, McKinsey & Company is actually the firm that is credited with launching the idea of using business consultants. Their ground breaking approach to business helped them to forge a reputation throughout the 1930s and 1940s which enabled them to hire the most talented and skilled employees. Today, they hire a broad spectrum of candidates, all with exceptional and specialized profiles, including those with considerable experience in design and development.

As a toronto IT consulting firm which is privately owned and managed, McKinsey & Company is widely thought to be the most prestigious management consulting firm of them all. Even those from outside the industry have heard of the company which practices across many fields including issues stemming from technology, organisation, strategy, and operational processes, all with an eye to serving the client’s bespoke needs. This firm works across a broad spectrum of industries including entertainment, media, and commodities, serving up to 90% of the world’s top corporations.

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Bain & Company

Established in 1973, Bain & Company is renowned as one of the most prestigious and respected consulting firms in the world. With more than 6000 employees, Bain & Company help some of the world’s top leaders in business to make the essential decisions necessary to direct the future of their organizations. While assisting them to make those strategies a reality, whether in the areas of operations, marketing, technology, mergers, operations or sustainability.

Having worked in conjunction with many of the Global 500 companies, Bain & Company are a global firm with 53 different offices spread across 34 countries worldwide. They work with all types of sectors including healthcare, media and alternative energies. Some of their most prestigious clients include Dell, Del Monte and Starbucks.

The Boston Consulting Group Inc

Founded in 1963, The Boston Consulting Group manages more than 12,000 employees in 48 countries all over the world in 85 different offices. One of America’s largest private companies, this form boasts some impressive clients, including some of the largest 500 companies in the world. There have been some well known consultants on the firm’s payroll including Jim Koch, who founded the Boston Beer Company, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel and John Legend, who won a Grammy Award. The company offers expert advice in a number of fields, from financial services and industrial goods to health care, media, telecoms and insurance.

The Boston Consulting Group Inc is able to assist their clients with a broad spectrum of management needs including strategies for growth development and execution of the same, management of business portfolios, acquisitions and mergers, improvement to efficiency and productivity, management of the supply chain, pricing and marketing, integrations, infrastructure of technology, private equity, sustainability, turnaround and relationship management with suppliers and customers.

Honeywell Pro-Watch Protects Companies Of All Sizes


Today’s demanding environments pose varying levels of security threats. While the entrepreneurs of days gone past only had to worry about beating the competition, businessmen today need to also secure their valuable assets, sensitive data and personnel from many different types of dangerous threats. Some may involve people who wish to sabotage the company’s operations, some who would steal valuable raw materials and finished goods, others who are interested in getting hold of valuable or sensitive data, and those who would even harm its employees. Due to the dangers companies find themselves in, some governments have stepped in by mandating minimum security requirements for specific types of business operations.

The security scenario we find ourselves in presents challenges which only a fully equipped security management suite can effectively handle; something like Honeywell ProWatch. It is a suite of software which gives you comprehensive security management and control.

How Does Honeywell Pro-Watch Protect Your Company?

One of the foremost requirements of a real security system is effective central control over all of its components. Honeywell Pro-Watch provides true and comprehensive control by fully integrating access control, intrusion detection, and digital video surveillance into one powerful system. It does not even matter if there are existing access control, intrusion detection or video surveillance equipment from third party manufacturers; Honeywell Pro-Watch is compatible with equipment and software from most third party suppliers. This article at explains why security integration is so important.

This powerful security management software does not only integrate various system components, it streamlines the processes to make controls as intuitive as possible. This allows your security operators to focus on unfolding situations rather than wasting time figuring out how to input commands. Events may be programmed to be automatically routed to specific persons and departments. Equipment such as strategically placed lighting, video cameras and recording equipment can be set to respond automatically to given alarm trip scenarios. Honeywell Pro-Watch is capable of tracking specific assets, providing guard tours; it also has mustering and anti-passback features. You can even integrate intercom systems for better control over any emergency situation.

After an incident has been contained, this security management software suite provides a choice of standard reports; there are also options for setting up custom reports. It has powerful audit features which help in forensics, business intelligence and data mining requirements. Thus you would be able to discover how an incident transpired, who, if any, were at fault, and what can be done to prevent repeat incidents. While at it you are also likely to discover ways to improve business operations efficiency; for example, where minimum and maximum occupancy limits are exceeded and how to spread the load better.

Best of all the system is modular so it can grow with your company’s security needs. It is offered in four different levels starting from the entry level Pro-Watch Lite Edition designed for small companies, the Professional edition targeted for medium sized organizations, the Corporate edition which features a complete security suite for big corporations, and the Enterprise edition which allows you to control multiple sites in any part of the globe.

Screen Technology – The Development Of Touch Screens

screen technology

The viewing screen technology on our computers and smart phones has become so much smarter in the last decade or so. While the screen technology on early computers and smart devices did not even feature color, the latest ones can recognize touches and gestures enough to translate them into data inputs and instructions. That represents a big leap in technology accomplished in only a few years.

Many of us use various types of modern interactive touch screens in our daily lives; we have touch screen phones, we use touch screen ATM’s, we search for information at touch screen kiosks, etc. Despite this, few among us know how our computer and device screens developed into the powerful and interactive screens we have come to rely on for many things.

Early Device Screens

The early computer and device screens were passive and monochrome – nothing to get excited about. These early screens served their purpose which is to content, nothing more and nothing less. Some of the older ones did not display images, only text in that annoying, blinking green color.

By the mid 1980’s a new development in computer screens was introduced: computer monitors which were able to display images in 16 colors. This led to further improvements in image resolutions to an extent that available colors were soon counted first in the hundreds, then later in the thousands.

The Early Touch Screens

Way back in the 1960’s the first touch screen was developed in the UK. The screen featured capacitive touch screen technology. It was only capable of recognizing a single touch at any one time. The technology was so expensive at the time that the capacitive touch screen was not made commercially available. There were no smart devices yet to use the touch screens on during the 1960’s so the technology only saw very limited use.

In 1992 IBM introduced the first smart phone with a touch screen. The device was called Simon, and it was capable of making regular phone calls as well as faxes and emails. IBM’s smart phone also had an address book, world time, a calculator, a note pad and an appointment scheduler. It was only capable of recognizing a single touch at a time; single touch is the term used to describe such monitors. A more thorough discourse on the history of touch screens can be found in this site.

The Rise Of Multi Touch Screens

Not content with touch screens, and fighting for a highly competitive market, the single touch screens were developed to recognize multiple touches at once. They were even made so they can recognize gestures, some of which can be programmed to elicit a pre-determined reaction.

Multi touch screens were soon available in models which used a variety of new technologies such as infrared, projected capacitance, surface acoustic wave, and resistive technologies. In all, more than a dozen technologies are used in touch screens. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses; some are sensitive to light, others to EMI/RFI, or surface contaminants.

At this time we may be spoilt for choice as far as multi-touch screens are concerned. However, to get most of these interactive screens, we need to study their features and select one which most closely matches our requirements.